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  • iPhone Water Damage

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    Iphone Water Damage Recovery and Repair!

    Whether your phone took an accidental plunge into a pool or fell in a puddle, there is still hope for your phone. LoosePrices strives to salvage as much of your device as possible when dealing with water damage. Our goal is to bring your device back to life or to recover data when necessary.

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    Water Damage Instructions

    (time is ticking, so be as prompt as possible to ensure your phone’s survival)

    1. ​Immediately turn off phone (if it did not go off) Do NOT under any circumstances turn the phone back on before it has been looked at or completely dried! Turning a phone on after contact with water can cause further damage.
    2. Place phone or device in a Ziploc bag with about a cup of rice of however much is required to cover around the device if possible. This method DOES NOT fix water damage, but it can prevent more from occurring. Other methods include using cat litter or oatmeal.
    3. Call (208) 447-0293 or bring in phone ASAP for best chance of repair. The sooner the device is looked at, the more likely we are to successfully stop more water damage from ensuing.

    All mobile devices can potentially be repaired / recovered after exposure to water.