iPhone Screen Replacement vs LCD Screen Replacement

 At Looseprices Repair Center We Take iPhone Screen Replacement as a top priority. whether you are in Boise,Nampa,Star or Kuna We can usually have your screen replacement done in 1 hr.  We use top quality parts and have a 90 day warranty on all of our repairs. We also offer free Tempered glass replacement on your iphones. You also get a free case with all iphone screen repairs. You just need to ask us about the best quality to have for your iphone and we will set you up so that your iphone has a much better chance of not breaking when you drop it. We also want to note that A iphone screen is one peice. It is the glass a digitizer and lcd fused together from the factory. We do not change just the glass on iphones.  With the new iphone 7 and 7 plus.  It does take us about 2 hours to complete this task.  We take our time and make sure that the repair is done in a timely fashion while also being  efficient.  We pride our self in doing a quality job over quantity that is why we are still around since 2011.

  • iPhone Screen Replacement

    If you need an screen replaced. You have found the right spot.

    iphone screen replacement

  • LCD Screen Replacement

    If your Apple iPhone has a damaged screen (the actual glass) and the display underneath is NOT working, then this is the service you need.

    LCD Replacement-1

We use quality replacement components that will give your phone “as new” functionality. The parts we use on the iPhone 4 are a completely fused screen and LCD. Beware of being able to buy just the screen and think you’re good to go. It must be a fused component. Backed by our 1 year parts and labor warranty.