iPad Repair Near Me

iPad Repair 

When looking for a iPad Repair near me or far away it is nowadays very expensive.  When you want to replace your iPad with a new one.  Here at LoosePrices Repair Center We have Fixed Thousands of iPad’s over the 7 years that we have been in business.  We make it a painless and affordable repair for you.  We use The highest quality parts available.  Altho some repair shops may have your iPad Screen Repair the same day.  We take the time and do it right.

iPad Repair Near Me

  We Are very experienced in the detail of repairing iPad’s  So we have a 24hr turnaround time with screen Repair.   There is no rush when it comes to our repairs.  You can be assured that when you get your iPad back,  you will get many more years out of it.  We Take the time to remove all the old adhesive, clean the frame thoroughly and replace the bezel when we see your old bezel is damaged. Which most shops do not do without charging you extra.

Other problems:

 If you have other problems with your iPad or tablet.  Just stop into our store for our Free Diagnosis.  This is a Free Service for any and all Devices brought into our store.  If you brought in your Apple iPad for a screen repair.  Yet there is something else that is stopping your iPad from working correctly or something wrong with your iPad that would prevent it from working at all.  We will call you and let you know.  We always try and make sure that we look over your device so that when you get it back from us it is in much better shape then when you dropped it off and working 100%.

 For iPad pro screen repairs, We recommend that you take it to Apple first.  The iPad Pro has some micro soldering that needs to be done when doing a Screen repair.  Altho we do some micro soldering, it is a very tough job so we would have to charge too much to repair it.