Ipad Repair Boise Idaho

Ipad Repair Boise

If you are in need of an ipad repair Boise, consider LoosePrices Mobile Repair Center. Why? Because we are locally owned and operated since 2011 in Meridian Idaho.  We are CERTIFIED and INSURED, we stand behind all of our repairs with our 90 day iron clad warranty.  Unlike other ipad repair Boise shops here in town we do not send your product out for repair.  We repair all of your precious devices here in our shop.  All of our repairs are done by qualified technician not students in training, and when we repair your device we do not just fix the visible problem we do preventative maintenance on your device to help prevent future issues. Why just replace a broken screen if the dock is damaged, we go out of our way to give the best prices for the best repair possible.  

Quality parts

It is also VERY important to use quality parts.  In this industry there are many after market (copy) parts that are below standards of quality.  At LoosePrices Mobile Repair Center we strive to use only the highest quality replacement parts on your devices.  When lower quality parts are used on your ipad repair Boise it can cause other issues far worse than just your original repair.  In addition having a technician who is not qualified or does not have the needed experience or tools to repair your device can permanently damage its functions.

Free advice

Do not waste time searching the web for answers as to what MIGHT be wrong with your ipad.  If you experience an ipad repair Boise call us first, we give free advice, technical support and estimates on repairs.  We complete most ipad repairs in 24 hours or less providing we have our parts on hand.  Lets face it we have come to rely on our mobile devices more and more every year.  When they do not work we panic and need them back up and running as soon as possible.  That is what we here at LoosePrices Mobile Repair Center are here for.  To ease the panic and get you back on your way.

ipad repair Boise

ipad repair Boise


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