How To Fix A Water Damaged iPhone Or Any Other Mobile Device

Water damaged iPhone?  Most of us have been there done that.  It’s not a great feeling to watch your productivity and communication lifeline sink to the bottom of the stream,  or worst case the toilet.  Here’s the good news.  Most of the time water damage doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your mobile device, there is hope, but you have to act fast.

Water Damaged iPhone

Step 1:
Remove your iPhone or mobile device from the water.

Step 2:
If the power is still on, turn it off.  If it looks like the power is off, DO NOT try and turn it on.  You want to try and avoid a short in the electronics.

Step 3:
If the iPhone is in a case, remove the case, then remove the SIM card.  If your device allows it, also remove the battery and memory card.  Then dry the outside of your device with a towel to remove excess moisture.

Step 4:
Completely bury your iPhone or Mobile device into a bag of uncooked rice or cover it with those silica packets that absorb moisture (if you have them, they are less messy than using uncooked rice).   NOTE:  Some people may claim that they have successfully used a hair dryer or canned air for drying.  We don’t recommend either because using a heat source for drying can damage sensitive internal electronics, and forced air can push water into other areas of the phone.

Step 5:
To go any further, you need special tools and expertise, so bring your iPhone or mobile device into LoosePrices Repair Center, and we’ll take it a step further.  We will open your device in front of you so you can see the extend of the damage – free of charge.  We will then have a better idea if it can be salvaged.  If it’s not beyond repair, then with your approval, we will continue to disassemble the device, and make sure all the water is gone, and ultimately working properly.

If you are frequently in or around the water with your iPhone, try using a shockproof protective case that is also water resistant or waterproof.

water damaged iphone

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