• The Best iPhone Protective Case On The Market

    Protection Its most likely no surprise that the most common iPhone repair request I see is.  Iphone cracked screen.   I understand that accidents happen.  They get dropped, sat on, stepped on, and sometimes, screen damage occurs.  Accidentally on purpose – (throwing, smashing).  Although I always enjoy repairing devices, I often tell my clients that most […]

  • iPhone Repair in Boise, ID

    When you search for iphone repair Boise, you might see many people offering repair services, but there are only a few that are certified technicians. Looseprices Mobile Repair Center has been providing iPhone repair in Boise and Meridian since 2011.  Common repairs such as a cracked iPhone screens can be repaired in 30 minutes or […]

  • Boise ipad repair 2nd Generation

    Boise ipad repair 2nd generation You have found the right repair shop. Repairing your ipad 2nd generation is always cheaper than replacing the entire ipad. We like to keep our clients from spending an arm and a leg to get their ipad repaired. Boise ipad Repair 2nd generation When you are in need of Boise […]

  • Ipad Repair Boise Idaho

    Ipad Repair Boise If you are in need of an ipad repair Boise, consider LoosePrices Mobile Repair Center. Why? Because we are locally owned and operated since 2011 in Meridian Idaho.  We are CERTIFIED and INSURED, we stand behind all of our repairs with our 90 day iron clad warranty.  Unlike other ipad repair Boise […]

  • Boise iPhone Repair

    To repair or replace, that is the question: Why Boise iPhone repair is always a good idea… ​ That devastating moment when your iPhone is in free fall, spiraling toward the ground, as the screen shatters. The first thing that goes through your mind (or comes out of your mouth) is usually a string of […]