• Looking For An Affordable Last Minute Christmas Gift?

    Christmass Only a few days left before Christmas, and if you’re still looking for a great gift idea, maybe we can help! Bring in your broken or cracked iPhone, to Looseprices for your iPhone repair.  Most repairs take less than an hour.   Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on upgrading to a new device, when […]

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    What Should I Do With My Old Smartphone?

    Smartphone Do you have a old Smartphone or Has the new iPhone 6 or the iPhone X caught your eye.  Or maybe it is one of the newer android based phones?  With all the bigger, faster, sharper smartphones that are on now on the market, many people might be wondering, “If I upgrade, what should […]

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    How To Fix A Water Damaged iPhone Or Any Other Mobile Device

    Water damaged iPhone?  Most of us have been there done that.  It’s not a great feeling to watch your productivity and communication lifeline sink to the bottom of the stream,  or worst case the toilet.  Here’s the good news.  Most of the time water damage doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your mobile device, there is […]

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    The Land Of Broken Screens

    Broken iPhone Screen A local Boise contractor came in to the store this week with seven.  Yes seven Broken iPhone 5’s, all with a Broken Screen.  He said, “I feel like I am living in the land of broken screens!” “I don’t know if I should blame myself and my employees for being too hard […]

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    iPhone 6 Display To Be Sapphire Instead Of Gorilla Glass?

    iPhone 6 Display It’s not easy keeping track of all the various new-iPhone-related rumors swirling around on the internet, but when rumors pop up related to screen materials and durability, it definitely catches my interest especially with the iPhone 6 Display. (and if you are an iPhone enthusiast, I’m sure you are interested as well). […]

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    Don’t Toss Your Broken iPhone!

    Broken iPhone Square Trade Insurance company recently released their data related to smartphone repairs in the US.  They estimated that 30 percent of Americans will damage their iPhone in the next 12 months!  They also reported that 1 out of every 10 smartphone users are currently using their phones with a cracked screen.  Before you […]