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written by Al Loose – owner of Loose Prices Mobile Device Repair Center. iPhone Repairs in Boise
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iPhone Repairs in Boisepassion:

We have a passion for repairing things. Whether it be our phones, remotes, Macs, families, wives, and girlfriends, we do our best to fix. iPhone Repairs in Boise

Being in the phone repair industry since 2011, I (Al) have learned a lot. First thing, and most important thing is that you can’t become rich doing this. We have gone through many, many suppliers to make sure we get only the highest quality for our repairs.  But with that said.  The second most important thing is that Apple does the highest of quality repairs. Even if for a few reasons.  The main reason is that Apple is their own supplier. They make them as well as they repair them.

The issue with that is their view on the rest of the market; if you told them that you went to a repair store other than Apple, your device no longer exists in Apple’s eyes. They never used to do repairs, but with the increasing need for it, the seven years I’ve been in the market for it is now harder than ever to thrive in.

Your phones are made to break. If I were the one deciding how phones are made, they wouldn’t break at the drop of a hat, but that’s not my job. They bend in pockets, their screens fracture without much force, and their batteries inflate for what seems to be no reason.

Your options for iPhone screen repair are as follows; you can take your iPhone to Mac Life and they can send it to Apple to have it repaired, and without Apple Care Plus, it would cost around $130 with a wait time of about 3-5 days, meaning you go without a phone. As your second option, you can make an appointment with the Apple

As your second option.  You can make an appointment with the Apple Store.  In which case it would still be a few hours and would still be around $130. The option we provide is convenience and service. We can repair your screen for a quality price and very good screen in about 30 minutes. or less, give you free protection for your phone.

We can repair your screen for a quality price and very good screen in about 30 minutes or less.  Give you free protection for your phone so you DON’T have to break it again.  And if we ever see you again. We will do our very best to make your visit pleasant.  Even under the poor circumstances of having a broken iPhone.

You are not a number at Loose Prices.
I’ve repaired every type of phone and I’ve opened projects that are impossible only to finish them. I’ve fixed over 10,000 phones, and that’s not with embellishment. The real difference between me and Apple is that Apple consists of many people, I am one person with a few by my side. We meet every one of you, we fix your problems, we enjoy your company, and we live in the same place.

The fourth thing that I’ve learned here is that no matter what, I’ll still have a job to do at the end of the day. I give you this advice for you to make the best decision. Go to Apple, get the best screen. Come here, meet us, enjoy it, save some money, get some free protection that should have been there in the first place. iPhone Repairs in Boise

Al Loose
Loose Prices